Huang Zitao Says, “What’s There to Clarify… Delusional” on Dating Rumors with Xu Yiyang But It Didn’t Sit Well with Many

Huang Zitao Says, "What's There to Clarify... Delusional" on Dating Rumors with Xu Yiyang

Dating rumors between Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang, an artist under his agency, have already been shut down in the past. However, dating rumors resurfaced recently due to claims that a blurry screenshot showing Tao’s WeChat profile pic on his phone is actually an alleged photo of him with Xu Yiyang on the beach. Their company previously went on vacation in Sanya.

Huang Zitao Says, "What's There to Clarify, You're Delusional" on Dating Rumors with Xu Yiyang
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On February 12, Huang Zitao shared a photo of dragon rings, which left people confused as to what he meant. A few minutes later, he commented, “What are you saying to clarify? What do I need to clarify? Everyone being delusional or something, it’s a photo, what do I need to say?” He added, “What’s wrong with me posting a dragon ring? I myself took out my phone to let you see, you think I’m afraid to let you see? What’s wrong with that?”

Tao’s Response Didn’t Sit Well with Many

Meanwhile, Huang Zitao is known for being blunt but his comments section piled up nonetheless. Many offended fans felt he didn’t need to lose his temper since a yes or no would have sufficed. Tao putting fans in place when he defended his studio was brought up again by Netizens criticizing his attitude towards fans. Some defended Tao saying that his response was directed at ying xiao hao (marketing accounts) stirring up rumors, not fans. Likewise, many also showed their continued support and said they’d never leave the fandom believing he doesn’t need to clarify anything.

More Speculation

Shortly after, new rumors cropped up such as another netizen sharing a screenshot of Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang’s alleged gaming IDs to claim that they are a couple in game. People have also tried to interpret the five dragons Huang Zitao shared to mean wu long (乌龙), which would imply he’s saying the rumors are wrong. However, others claim that the 4th dragon in the photo is a yang (goat), standing for Xu Yiyang.

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