Huang Zitao Will No Longer Do Photoshoots After His Studio Was Slammed for His Styling

Huang Zitao Will No Longer Do Event Photoshoots Following Complaints Against His Studio

Some fans of Huang Zitao have been expressing their dissatisfaction towards his clothing style, the quality of photos from his studio and the timeliness of its release. At 1 in the morning on June 17, Huang Zitao took to Weibo to explain that all decisions are made by him.

He said that he has no interest in clothing, but he is very grateful to the brand he wore. When it comes to the complaints about the photos, he said, “what does it matter if it’s posted early or late? It’s such a hassle to change and take photos each time and also quite meaningless.” Huang Zitao expressed that he is only focused on performing his songs well and repeated his wish for fans, “live your life well, doing the things you like happily is the best way to like me. You don’t need to do anything for me.”

Shortly after, he revealed his decision to cancel all photoshoots before events including magazine shoots. He wrote, “Cancelling the various rituals of taking photos, posing for photos and sharing them before events. I really don’t like to take these pictures. Casual shots are okay. All that stuff every time before going to these stops starting today. Don’t like magazine photoshoots, have stopped it too. Thanks.” He also explained that he’s never liked shooting these, so he has taken the opportunity to make things clear.

Huang Zitao wrote a follow-up post, “Let me be more blunt. I care about being pragmatic. I listen to myself, I have never listened to the opinions of fans. Don’t know when this weird fetish of comparing who posts the photo faster and better started. It’s gaudy. Why scold my employees for the clothes and hairstyles I decided on myself? Do you think they can control me? If you like to see showy things then don’t like me. I don’t like to do these pointless things. Go to people who like to take pictures everyday for you to see. Go to someone who’ll listen to your opinion. With me, it’s useless, understand?

I had to say it bluntly for people who can’t understand nice words. You have time to type, comment and curse, why not give your family a phone call, go to class and work hard.”

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