Esther Yu Shuxin Transported to Another World to Win Ding Yuxi’s Heart in ‘Love Game in Eastern Fantasy’

Esther Yu Shuxin Transported to Another World to Win Ding Yuxi's Heart in 'Love Game in Eastern Fantasy'
Screencap from “Love Game in Eastern Fantasy” trailer / Youtube

Love Game in Eastern Fantasy 永夜星河 is the live-action series based on the popular novel The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus. Whilst the drama’s English title does sound a bit odd and could be better (IMHO), I reckon it’s a nod to the “game theme” the show has going which is emphasised by the neon fonts and love meters that pop up as the heroine attempts to complete her task in order to find her way back to the real world.

Speaking of, Esther Yu Shuxin plays the lead character Ling Miaomiao, a girl who accidentally gets “thrown” inside a novel. The 28-year-old actress typically plays cute-sy cheerful characters. Yet in the hit series My Journey to You, Esther showed a totally different side playing a studied and cold spy. In Love Game in Eastern Fantasy, although she’s supposed to take the character of the evil cannon fodder Lin Yu inside the book world, it’s clear a lot of the actress’ zany personality still shines through.


Likewise, given that her challenge is to ensnare the affections of the uber mysterious “black lotus” Mu Sheng Ryan Ding Yuxi’s character who plays the second male lead in the novel she’s in, her dogged attempts to make him like her quickly (she is after all starting with a -200 score in the affections department) end up being pretty hilarious. Part of a demon-hunting family, hjis character, half-human and half-demon, is in love with his sister Mu Yao played by Bambi Zhu Xudan. Though it looks like everyone eventually pairs up as Bambi reunites with her Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red Moon Pact love interest Yang Shize to play the second lead couple.

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