“Yong Ye Xing He” Holds Filming Ceremony and It’s a Reunion for the “Moonlight” Cast

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Esther Yu Shuxin and Ding Yuxi
Moonlight co-stars Esther Yu Shuxin and Ding Yuxi reunite to star in fantasy drama “Yong Ye Xing He”
Photos: (L) Yong Ye Xing He and (R) Moonlight / Weibo

After lots of leaked photos hinting at what’s to come, Esther Yu Shuxin and Ryan Ding Yuxi’s reunion drama Yong Ye Xing He 永夜星河 finally makes it official today, August 30. The two co-stars who first appeared together as Moonlight’s月光变奏曲 lovable CP, will be donning historical costumes this time to portray Ling Miao Miao and Mu Sheng in the drama adaptation of the popular web novel Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus 黑莲花攻略手册.

The story itself is bound to be interesting since it’s already been turned into a manhua. And, since the upcoming series is being masterminded by the team at Stellar, the same folks behind last summer’s HUGE hit Love Between Fairy and Devil and this summer’s Love You Seven Times, expectations are certainly going to be high. Meanwhile, Bambi Zhu Xudan and Yang Shize take on the mantle as the second leads in the roles of Mu Yao and Liu Fuyi. Incidentally, Yang Shize also played the second lead in Moonlight, so it’ll be a reunion for all three members of the cast.

Yong Ye Xing He also released photos from the crew’s blessing ceremony. Funnily, although she was wearing bright red and holding their red packets for an auspicious beginning, Esther was hilariously almost incognito with her giant shades, black mask and cap!  

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