THE9’s Esther Yu and Ding Yuxi Team Up for Modern Romance Drama Moonlight

THE9's Esther Yu

Having watched Find Yourself first before witnessing THE9’s Esther Yu Shuxin start her idol career through Youth with You 2, I was actually looking forward for her to go back into acting. There have been rumors of her next project with Ryan Ding Yuxi starting filming in October and it looks like we do not have to wait any longer.

Moonlight 月光变奏曲 has officially announced both as the leads. Based on a novel of the same name by Qing Wan 青浼, it is a modern romance drama that follows rookie editor Chu Li who lands a job at a publishing house. Renowned author Zhou Chuan is said to be gentle as a jade when he’s really not. The two are immediately at odds but Zhou Chuan later discovers that Chu Li is his online friend Monkey.

Like Esther Yu who’s had a very busy schedule lately and currently appears on the show Let’s Party 非日常派对, leading man Ding Yuxi who rose to fame with two dramas that aired around the same time earlier this year currently appears in the reality show Heart Signal 3 心动的信号3. The Romance of Tiger and Rose star even earned the title as the boyfriend for the month of May. I loved his Tsundere persona in that and if previous dramas are any indication, this pairing is one to watch for.

The two leads interacted with each other on social media when Esther Yu introduced herself, “Hello, I am Chu Li. Are you Ding Yuxi who disappeared?” Ding Yuxi responded, “Hello, I am Zhao Chuan. Are you Esther Yu who was invited by Monkey?”

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