Yang Mi’s Movie Turns to Streaming After Box Office Flop, All Eyes on Her Next Drama

Yang Mi
Yang Mi dyed her hair red for the movie

Yang Mi has been dominating headlines lately with her projects airing one after the other, but unfortunately, not always for the right reasons. Her latest movie, “Nothing Can’t Be Undone by a Hotpot,” unexpectedly pulled out from theaters due to poor box office performance during the May 1 holidays in China before turning to streaming.

“Nothing Can’t Be Undone by a Hotpot” Releases as a Web Movie

It was announced today that the movie “Nothing Can’t Be Undone by a Hotpot” will be available for streaming on Youku starting May 11. Before the movie was pulled out, director Ding Sheng even broke down in tears during a livestream, citing discord and apparent shortcomings in promotions, possibly exacerbated by the director’s reluctance to reveal much about the film’s plot, which is a crime comedy. The 37-year-old actress has faced considerable criticism, especially as she attempts to transition into more serious roles. Yang Mi’s recent venture into the spy drama genre with “In the Name of the Brother,” where she played a villain, also fell short of expectations with some criticizing her for overacting.

She Once Shot Five Projects in Four Months

In a recent interview, Yang Mi offered insights into her over 30-year career in Chinese showbiz. Starting as a child actress and transitioning into a popular actress, she reflected on a time over a decade ago when she juggled multiple film sets, sometimes shooting five projects in just four months. This relentless pace left her feeling as if she were experiencing a form of “split personality.” Back then, driven by an intense fear of missing out on opportunities, she seized every chance with unwavering determination, fearing hesitation could cost her everything. “In the past, it was a thirst for work. Now, the sense of crisis comes from not understanding myself deeply enough, realizing my insufficient reservoir of knowledge,” she revealed in the interview with Elle. Yang Mi is currently on a journey of self-discovery, confronting her own limitations as she strives to break through them.

Her Newest Costume Drama

Meanwhile, all eyes are on her upcoming fantasy romance seriess “Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact,” rumored to premiere on May 25 on iQIYI. Yang Mi, known for her historical dramas like “Chinese Paladin 3” and “The Palace: The Lock Heart Jade” to “Eternal Love” that have all become classics is among the frontrunners in the genre. Undoubtedly, many are eagerly awaiting the release of “Fox Spirit Matchmaker,” her newest drama with Simon Gong Jun, hoping for its success.

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