Live Adaptation of Popular Donghua “Link Click” Features Its Time Travelling Trio

LInk Click
Link Click Live Adaptation stars Bi Wenjun, Bu Guanjin and Jiang Long.
Link Click Live Adaptation stars Bi Wenjun, Bu Guanjin and Jiang Long.

Fans of the popular donghua web series Link Clink 时光代理人, here’s a little mid-week pick-me-upper for you because the trailer for the live action adaptation is finally out! The series which stars Jiang Long as Cheng Xiaoshi, Bi Wenjun as his Time Photo Studio partner Lu Guang and actress Bu Guanjin as Qiao Ling officially kicked off filming in summer last year. As far as casting for the time-travelling themed series goes, fans have said production was pretty bang on the money. Thus far, the trio seems to perfectly represent the beloved characters visually they say. What do you guys think?

Link Clink tells the story of a little shop called Time Photo Studio where its proprietors are offering up something super unusual. If you’re looking for someone to go back in time to find the truth and make up for your past regrets, these are the folks you want. Cheng Xiaoshi with his abilities to “enter” a photo and take control of the people in it, Lu Guang with his ability to track back to events that took place up to 12 hours before the photo was taken and their landlady Qiao Ling who also keeps an eye out for the two.

The donghua actually has a sequel to it but whether the drama adaption will incorporate that into the current series or leave things open for a potential season 2 remains to be seen.

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