Nothing But Thirty and Twenty Your Life On Hit Chinese Primetime

twenty your life on nothing but thirty
Girls night in will surely be getting a wee bit more interesting with the back to back release of these two female-centric dramas Twenty Your Life On 二十不惑 and Nothing But Thirty 30而已 produced by Linmon Pictures. If there’s something most of us look forward to, it’s spending time with our gal pals. However, with the virus still keeping most of us at home, I’d settle for some BFF bonding over some drama filled shows we can all watch together (in our own homes of course) and later chat about with a drink or two on Zoom.

Whatever age you’re feeling right now (hey age is just a number right), I’m sure you’ll be rooting for these ladies in no time as they grab life by the horns and attempt to make lemonade out of whatever lemons life throws at ‘em. 

Twenty Your Life On

china female drama twenty your life on
What’s next when you’re fresh out of university? Most if not all of us had our doubts and uncertainties for life outside the familiar arms of student life. In Twenty Your Life On, four women at the cusp of adulthood are about to find out for themselves just what the “real world” has to offer as they prepare make that leap.

Twenty your Life On Plot Summary

Jiang Xiaoguo (Bu Guanjin) has neither looks, power or money and for this reason has always envied her three roommates. Liang Shuang (Guan Xiaotong) is the cold beauty of the group. Taking to the challenges of society like a duck to water despite only being a university senior, Liang Shuang seems to have everything well in hand for a bright future. Despite her apparent sophistication, she still has many things to learn like how not to hurt the people who love her. 
Luo Yan (Li Gengxi) disdains her mother’s attempts to arrange her life for her but admits that her mum’s meddling allows her to continue living her own life without worries. As she tries to get closer to her mother, she discovers her mum’s long buried secret. Meanwhile, despite coming from a wealthy family, Duan Jiabao (Dong Siyi) has simple tastes and lives a carefree life – chasing idols and eating good food. Falling in love for the very first time, she is dismayed to find out she has fallen in love with the same man as her friend.
Twenty Your Life On is a 40 episode long series and stars Guan Xiaotong, Bu Guanjin, Li Gengxi and Dong Siyias the four friends about to set off for the great big world out there. Joining them in that journey and spicing things up are the potential men in their lives Jin Shijia, Niu Junfeng, Wang Anning, Vincent Cao Enqi and Xu Shaoying.
Release Date:  Primetime on July 14, 2020 Hunan TV, iQIYI


Nothing But Thirty 

china female drama nothing but thirty
While your 20s is a time for making mistakes and learning your boundaries, your 30s signifies the time to start “adulting”. Actresses Tong Yao, Maggie Jiang Shuying and Mao Xiaotong star as three dissimilar women now in their 30s facing down challenging situations that help them become the most authentic and passionate versions of themselves.  

Nothing But Thirty Summary

For many women, Gu Jia’s (Tong Yao) life as a fulltime housewife to a CEO is next to perfect. But when her seemingly perfect marriage is threatened by another woman, she doesn’t hesitate to go to the mattresses in order to save her marriage.
nothing but thirty female cast
Wang Manni (Maggie Jiang Shuying) is a non-conformist who believes she deserves more. She prides herself for having both beauty and brains but these might not be enough to keep her from having her own problems.
Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin (Mao Xiaotong) is an ordinary woman at ease with her life with a husband and an ordinary job. Her life is suddenly thrown out of balance when the copyright to the story she writes as a hobby manages to sell for an outrageous amount. Following this incredible stroke of luck, the power dynamics between husband and wife are shaken to the core with Xiaoqin now facing a choice …
Nothing But Thirty is a 45 episode drama which also features actors Yang Le, Li Zefeng, Ma Zhiwei, Yan Zidong, Mao Yi and Wang Zijian in the series.
Release Date: Primetime on July 17, 2020 Dragon TV, Tencent
nothing but thirty male cast
It’s really quite exciting to see female-centric shows slowly building up a following in recent years and seeing more of this genre in the c-ent industry. After countless seasons of dramas with women waiting to be rescued by their men, it’s about time we see strong women we can all relate to on screens and doing their own rescuing, right? 
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