“Heir to the Throne” Cast, Synopsis, Premiere Date

"Heir to the Throne" Cast, Synopsis, Premiere Date

Heir to the Throne 家族荣耀之继承者, previously known as Modern Dynasty 2: War of Others, finally has an air date and it’s gonna be soon! Sooner than soon in fact since the series announced May 13 as its premiere date on Youku. Expectations are pretty high for this one considering the stellar cast of Hong Kong actors led by Charmaine Sheh who reunites with Raymond Lam for the sixth time! With 2022’s Modern Dynasty as its predecessor, one can expect a grander portrayal of the tumultuous lives of yet another wealthy family.

Heir to the Throne Synopsis

Heir to the Throne tells the story of the wealthy Yau family who is left rudderless when the family patriarch falls into a coma. For a family that has always favoured sons over daughters, the smart eldest granddaughter Ho Yee (Charmaine Sheh) faces an epic battle when she is suddenly named chairman, a position previously controlled by her uncle and cousin. Ho Yee must now prove her worth as the rightful successor to the Yau family empire.

In their desperate bid to solidify their hold within the family, it’s uncle versus niece, cousin versus cousin as Gallen Lo and Him Law’s characters face off against Ho Yee who’s ably supported by Raymond Lam’s character. But will the power grab turn deadly as each faction’s attempt to dethrone the other end in a fatal game of chicken?  Who will survive and who will emerge the victor as father and son go against Ho Yee. 

Heir to the Throne

Familiar Faces in the Cast

Heir to the Throne is produced by Youku and Media Asia Group. The show started filming on July 11, 2023 and wrapped in Malaysia about two months later before heading to Hong Kong for further shooting. It brings together familiar faces in Hong Kong entertainment. Aside from Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam as the main couple, Him Law who was also in Modern Dynasty now plays the villain who plots alongside his dad, played by veteran actor Gallen Lo. 75-year-old actor Benz Hui plays Charmaine Sheh’s happy-go-lucky dad.

Whilst the family’s main players remain locked in their struggle for power, drama and intrigue also surround the rest of the family as betrayal, revenge, blackmail and perhaps even torture abound. In a family that’s brimming with wealth and power, there’s definitely no rest for the wicked, nor for the weary. The cast also includes Raymond Wong, Candice Yu, Betsy Cheung, Dada Chan, Toby Leung, Jeannie Chan, and Venus Wong just to name a few.

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