“Modern Dynasty” Makes Its Debut on TVB and Opens to Good Ratings

"Modern Dynasty" Makes Its Debut on TVB and Opens to Good Ratings

Fancy some good ole family drama where money, power and intrigue come to play? Modern Dynasty 家族荣耀 which has an all-star cast of Julian Cheung, Tavia Yeung, Rain Lee, Him Law and Raymond Wong appears to be doing quite well on Hong Kong television despite having already aired its finale online. The series was first released as a web drama last month before making its way to TVB. It has averaged 22.9 points on its first week of its broadcast from Feb 7-11.

Like its similarly titled American predecessor, the 80s soap Dynasty and its more recent reboot, Modern Dynasty exposes what lies beneath all that glamour in the lives of the uber rich. Turns out entrée into the world of the rich and powerful isn’t as easy as it looks for the ladies who marry into the Ma family. Think brothers fighting for property, wives against mistresses and children avenging their parents. Sounds heavy doesn’t it. Viewers say that the story is fast-paced pretty solid. So even though some bits may be too over the top, it isn’t too bogged down by convoluted plots.

Tavia Yeung stars opposite Julian Cheung in their third drama as each other’s love interest after The Rippling Blossom and Shades of Truth. However, her character will be marrying the cousin played by Raymond Wong. The kind-hearted “commoner” slowly transforms into a strong and manipulative woman who stops at nothing to cement her position. So too does every member of the family who each have agendas of their own to pursue.

Interestingly, whilst real life husband and wife Him Law and Tavia Yeung both star in the series, they actually aren’t paired up. Him instead stars as Tavia’s brother-in-law who marries Rain Lee’s character.

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