Tavia Yeung and Him Law Surprise Everyone with Baby #2!

Tavia and Him
Tavia Yeung and Him Law with their baby daughter last year
Tavia and Him last year spending some family time together with their baby daughter “little Pearl”

Looks like changing their names worked like a charm for Tavia Yeung and husband Him Law. The couple surprised everyone when they finally let the cat out of the bag that she’d already given birth a second time around! “Thank you everyone for your concern! Mom and son are safe. To my wife, you’ve had quite a day” announced an ecstatic Him. Tavia gave birth to a baby boy at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital recently.

Hard to believe Tavia was able to keep her second pregnancy a secret from everyone. But then again, with her slim build and her clever way of concealing her growing bump with a few “strategic” poses and objects placed in front, no one was any wiser that she was already growing another bun in the oven. Of course, hugging her daughter Hera or “little Pearl” closely also makes for perfectly hiding the bump!

After trying for four years to start a family, Tavia and Him excitedly announced that they were pregnant last year. By April, the stork finally delivered their long awaited blessing – a beautiful baby girl they took to calling “little Pearl” since her grandma said she looked like one. Fast forward to a year and a few months later, the blessings continue to come rolling in as their little family of three … is now a family of four!

Congratulations to their growing family!

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