A Grateful Tavia Yeung Announces Pregnancy at 40

Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung just announced the happy news on social media that she and husband Him Law are expecting a visit from the stork soon! After almost four years of marriage, the couple are over the moon to have their very own “baby rat” arriving soon.
For their pregnancy announcement, the couple shared a photo of their ultrasound as well as a sweet little snapshot of the soon to be parents making a heart shape with their hands over their bellies.

“Our story began with a drama, from colleagues we became friends, from friends to sweethearts, from sweethearts to spouses. From this moment, a new addition will be joining us. Thank you Lord for this precious gift, the light of our lives. Baby may you always bring light to our lives in the days to come.”
Tavia and Him had previously been the subject of pregnancy rumours when a tabloid magazine published that the actress was expecting.  While the lovebirds have been pretty vocal about wanting to start a family asap, both Him and Tavia were quick to deny the story as false. That gossip died down pretty quick until Him was asked again later in the year if he had anything to share – not sure if that question really caught him unawares but he nervously replied “ask my wife” to the inquiry. Not exactly a denial was it.  Fast forward to last month and Netizens were once again buzzing when Tavia posted a photo of Toy Story’s Lots-o’-Huggin Bear with a smaller mini version perched on its belly. The actress laughed it off at the time but I reckon Netizen’s prego assumption was certainly bang on the money after today’s announcement. 
Now as to whether the baby is a boy or a girl, the soon to be parents are still keeping mum on the subject so y’all will just need to wait until the baby comes or at least until the gender reveal (if the couple even decides to do one). Congratulations Tavia and Him!
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