Tavia Yeung and Him Law Change Their Names for Their Family’s Prosperity

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Tavia Yeung and Him Law Change Their Names for Their Family's Prosperity

Did you know that choosing your name is no laughing matter as it can affect many areas of your life? A good name has the potential to bring positive energy and good luck to the person. A bad name on the other hand .. not so much. Which is why to ensure their family’s continued good health and well-being, new parents Tavia Yeung and Him Law both announced that they were changing their Chinese names to something more auspicious. Many Netizens have surmised that the changes are mainly for their daughter “little Pearl” who is now six months old.

Now as to their new appellations, Tavia’s Yang Yi 杨怡 or Yeung Yi in Cantonese is now Yang Qianyao 杨茜尧 or Yeung Sin-yiu in Cantonese . Meanwhile, husband Him’s Luo Zhongqian 罗仲谦 or Law Chung-him in Cantonese has now been changed to Luo Ziyi 罗子溢 or Law Tze-yat in Cantonese. The couple simultaneously made the changes known on their social media pages, where they both wrote: “In a blink of an eye, Pearl (Hera) is already half a year old. The past year has seen us experience many changes. For our family’s good fortune, we have made the decision to change our names starting today.

Tavia and Him Law change name

Separately, Him has been reported to have also revealed in an interview that the name changes have already been implemented some time ago and that he hopes everyone will remember and support it. On the other hand, for their fans who might understandably find themselves unaccustomed to the changes at the very beginning, the couple reassures everyone that “no matter what name we are called, we are still the same people in your hearts. It’s alright if you’re not used to it yet. Take your time to slowly get used to it.”

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