Youku Announces Four Hong Kong Dramas to Keep Your Eye On!

Youku Announces Four Hong Kong Dramas to Keep Your Eye On!

Chinese video streaming site Youku, which has embarked on a substantial partnership with TVB, recently announced its line-up of Hong Kong dramas to keep an eye on this year. Whether you’re a fan of HK-dramas or just missing that “Hong Kong flavor” you grew up watching on TV and cable, Youku’s newest dramas should help satisfy anyone looking for their Hong Kong drama fix.

The Queen of News 2

Last year’s multi-awarded hit Queen of News 新闻女王2 starring Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Selena Lee and Samantha Ko returns for a second season with most if not all of its cast returning for the newest installment. Keep an eye out for Bosco Wong, who appeared in the finale of QoN last year as he will also be joining the cast as a new character. Producer Chung Cheng revealed the cast has already set aside their schedules to start filming at the end of 2024 and the script is still in the works.

Forensic Heroes 6

Likewise, police procedural Forensic Heroes 法证先锋6 has also been green lit for a 6th season. Similar to QoN , fans of the popular series will be happy to know that most if not all of the original cast members such as Bosco Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Jacky Cai and Kelly Fu will be returning for the sequel.

Heir to the Throne

Meanwhile, if the squabbles of the rich and powerful are more your thing, Modern Dynasty spinoff Heir to the Throne 家族荣耀之继承者, which reunites Charmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam has also been announced. As the title suggests, what do you expect but intrigue and power plays when a wealthy family with a seriously ailing head has not yet elected an heir. Him Law and Gallen Lo are also set to appear in the spinoff show.

Darkside of the Moon

Last but certainly not the least is revenge drama Darkside of the Moon 黑色月光 which stars Tavia Yeung, Vincent Wong, Rosina Lam, Edward Ma and Priscilla Wong. Tavia in particular has started taking on projects once again after a long hiatus from the industry to take care of her growing family. The series was previously said to be the Hong Kong remake of the popular South Korean drama The Glory starring Song Hye-kyo. Although, show producer- director Chung Cheng recently refuted this and clarified that the screenplay is an original and not a remake of The Glory as previously marketed.

These are just four among a long line of other projects that include Prism Breakers 执法者们 starring Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Moses Chan, Lawrence Ng and Jessica Hsuan, Anonymous Signal 奪命提示 starring Joel Chan, Sinister Beings Season 2 逆天奇案II starring Ruco Chan, Rosina Lin, and more.

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