Xiao Zhan Persists in Wearing the Same Clothes Every Day to ‘Fight Back’ at Paparazzi

Xiao Zhan
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Popular actor Xiao Zhan just about had it with the incessant following and intrusive behavior of paparazzi, daipai photographers and stalkers. Despite repeatedly urging them to stop wasting their time and making a general nuisance of themselves whilst disrupting public order, it seems his appeal is falling on deaf ears.

A Trending Hashtag About Xiao Zhan Venting His Anger

Recently, a hashtag (肖战一怒之下怒了一下) about Xiao Zhan venting his anger in frustration trended online. As it turns out, the 32-year star has been persistently fighting back at his stalkers and seemingly taking a page out of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s bag of tricks to confuse them… by wearing the same puffer coat outfit every day (even in April when people don’t wear such thick jackets anymore!).

Xiao Zhan says he wears the same thing everyday

Persistent Strategy to Fight Back in the Same Outfit

For his most recent plea back in February, the frustrated star wrote: “stop hanging around. I wear the same clothes to get to and from work every single day. So don’t waste time tailing me and disturbing public order. Show some respect to others and have some respect for yourself”. This isn’t the only time he’d politely asked everyone to chase stars rationally. However, it looks like he’s determined to “actively” do something about it. Many found his persistence praiseworthy, his full attire of being covered from head to toe in all black adorably funny, but also sad. It highlights the troubling state of the Chinese entertainment industry, where even veteran actress He Saifei had to fight back, as seen in the incident where she chased away a paparazzo with a club.

Remember a few years ago when Dan always wore the same thing when he knows the paps will be around? His strategy is pretty simple: wearing the same hat and jacket day in and day out for six months makes the photos pretty worthless. Newspapers and magazines won’t want to publish them because it looks like the “same old photos” were all taken on the same day.

Hopefully, the same strategy will work for Xiao Zhan too and discourage any more crazy antics from photographers.

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