Wu Jing and Wife Xie Nan: How Their Romance Was First Exposed to the Public

Wu Jing and Wife Xie Nan: How Their Romance Was First Exposed to the Public

Many a celebrity romance has been exposed thanks to the persistence of paparazzi and their “hardworking” cameras. Whilst dishing about relationships on the show Love Actually 半熟恋人, TV host Xie Nan recently shared that her relationship with now husband, martial artist and actor Wu Jing was outed in the same way – “we were also photographed”. Except the cute and super unexpected twist to this is that they were papped by an entertainment reporter from the same company as her! The irony isn’t it.

Romance with One of China’s Most Profitable Actors

As one of the most profitable Chinese actors whose movies such as Wolf Warrior, The Battle at Lake Changjin, and The Wandering Earth are considered among the all-time highest grossing films in China, interest in the 50-year-old action star’s life is pretty high. When they were just dating, Xie Nan laughingly reminisced how she was ambushed by a reporter from their own company who came over to ask her “you and Wu Jing were photographed. Are you together now?” Xie Nan said she had never been so panicked in her entire life and only just barely managed through. “I’ve never encountered this problem my entire life. And I completely didn’t now how to deal with this. But in my mind, I was screaming ‘aren’t we on the same team?!’” she shared. The tables sure were turned for someone who usually asks the questions as a show host.

Wu Jing and Family

Xie Nan and Wu Jing began dating in 2012. If you catch their very first interview where Xie Nan asks him if he had any plans to marry in the near future, Wu Jing cheekily throws back the question to find out if she’s single. Wu Jing’s efforts to not so subtly flirt with her was quite cute, and it looks like his charm worked. Wu Jing and Xie Nan tied the knot two years later in 2014. They have two kids – eldest son Wu You (吴忧) nicknamed Wu Suowei and youngest son Wu Lü (吴虑).

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