Marriage License Photos of Stars Who Married in China

Marriage License Photos of Stars Who Married in China
Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng marriage license photo 2018
We’ve seen it before, newly-weds smiling for the camera against a red backdrop. The auspicious moment captured in a snap is simply part of the process of getting married in China. Anyone who registers their marriage in the country walks away with two marriage licenses, one for each partner, which is why we are often treated to that obligatory wedding photo when the stars ultimately make their big reveal. 

Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng marriage license photo 2018
Along with their photo, The Story of Minglan stars Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng who tied the knot in 2018 also showed off their marriage licenses. 
Tang Yan Luo Jin marriage license photo 2018
Tang Yan and Luo Jin held up their marriage licenses after registering their marriage in 2018 ahead of their grand Vienna wedding in the same year.  

Michelle Chen Chen Xiao marriage license photo 2016
Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao who famously found love after starring in Romance of the Condor Heroes got married in 2016. 

Christy Chung Shawn Zhang marriage license photo 2016
Canadian actress Christy Chung who is in her late 40’s remarried in 2016 and found love with Chinese actor Shawn Zhang who is 12 years her junior. 

Ken Chu marriage license photo China Han Wenwen
Ken Chu who had his start as one of the F4 in the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden married Chinese actress Han Wenwen in 2016. 

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy marriage license photo 2015
Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s dream wedding in 2015 which cost a whopping $31 million got them featured all over the world. The couple’s funky marriage photos also made rounds in the internet. 

cecilia liu shishi nicky wu register marriage 2015
There’s no photo reveal from the low-key couple Cecilia Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu. They just shared their marriage licenses and wedding bands from when they registered their marriage in 2015. The two had their wedding ceremony one year later in Bali. 

jing chao xiao li lin marriage 2014
Jing Chao and Xiao Li Lin wore matching couple outfits for their marriage license photo in 2014. 

Wu Jing Xie Nan marriage photo 2013
Wu Jing and Xie Nan kept it casual when they took their marriage license photos in 2013 though the wedding bliss shines through.

Benny Chan register marriage 2011
Benny Chan married Chinese model Jiang Lisha in 2011. The two have a 16 year age gap. 

Sun Li Deng Chao marriage 2010
Sun Li and Deng Chao who have numerous acting awards between the two of them got married in 2010. 

Barbie Hsu Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei wed 2010
Barbie Hsu who will always be known as Shan Cai from the hit Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden married Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2010. 

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