Xie Na Defends Her Happy Approach to Hosting

Xie Na Defends Her Happy Approach to Hosting
Xie Na
Despite her fame and popularity that has made her the most followed person on Weibo, Xie Na, who has been an avid host and variety show personality has been criticized for her comedic style.  

Some believe that Xie Na’s style, which admittedly has the ability to make the audience laugh, lacked substance and that Xie Na shouldn’t always rely on nonsensical humor to carry her as they are not seeing any sort of growth from her, talent wise. Xie Na challenges the idea of living by defined rules and the thought that once you’ve reached a certain age, there are some things you can no longer do. 

Xie Na Host
As a wife and a mom, Xie Na addressed the criticisms about her on the Tencent show Middle Me.  She says, “I’m Xie Na, 38 years old. I’d like to ask, why is it that now that I’m a mother, I can’t be laughing all the time. Everyone has that childish side and it just so happens that my line of work is to share that with everyone.”  She admits that as a Happy Camp host, she will probably never grow up. She believes that people shouldn’t have to be restricted by settings or situations and that she sees nothing wrong with how she does things. Xie Na added that she is very good at the kind of humorous style she adopts and has no plans to change her approach any time soon.
She also offers some words of wisdom. One’s attitude in life doesn’t need to be serious.  It can also be light and happy.  

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