The Spirealm Releases Internationally After Getting Yanked Off Air in China

The Spirealm Releases Internationally After Getting Yanked Off Air in China
The Spirealm now available internationally on Viu

First released in February, the abrupt exit of the horror fantasy drama The Spirealm 致命游戏 in China left many drama fans hanging. Well, thanks to its producers who finally figured out an overseas release might be the way to go, things are definitely looking up.

As of press time, 38 episodes have already been uploaded to streaming site Viu, each over 40 minutes long. This should be around the equivalent of the original Chinese version, which aired as a “short drama format” because even though it had 78 episodes, they were just about 20 minutes each.

 “The Shortest Lived Chinese Drama in History”

The Spirealm is the drama adaptation of the danmei web novel Kaleidoscope of Death. With former R1SE member Xia Zhiguang and Huang Junjie at the helm, it surprised everyone with its sudden drop at a time when there was said to be a ban on BL adaptations in China. The show quickly garnered popularity for the two actors, even earning their fair share of fan shippers, but as quickly and as stealthily as it was released, The Spirerealm was then abruptly yanked off the air just 2 hours into the premiere. Many assumed its BL origins was the reason it was axed. And despite iQiyi’s efforts to get it re-categorised as a “short drama” by splitting each episode into 20 mins to pass the censors, it looks like the censors didn’t agree.

Nonetheless, it looks like The Spirealm might actually have the last word on this matter now that its 38 episodes are out in the world (and for international viewers, there’s English captions too!).

Hope for Chinese BL Adapted Dramas to Air Internationally

Apparently, iQIYI International also announced that The Spirealm, which follows a VR game developer stuck in a survival type game is coming soon on its platform. Given how this series has successfully aired outside China, perhaps it means the rest of the upcoming Chinese dramas based on danmei novels that include the likes of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun and Heaven Official’s Blessing live actions can air too?

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