Li Xian Back to Back Dramas Out This April: Shooting Stars and Will Love in Spring

Li Xian
Li Xian stars in two upcoming drama series out in April. Shooting Star and WIll Love in Spring.

Li Xian fans have double the reason to celebrate this April what with two dramas of their favourite actor about to be released with merely a week in between. Just one more sleep before his Republican spy drama Shooting Stars 群星閃耀時 with Ren Min is released on April 15. Meanwhile, if springtime leaves you craving for a bit of romance, his modern romance Will Love in Spring 春色寄情人 with Zhou Yutong, which will soon be released on April 22nd has you covered.

We’ve just finished the March dramas featuring Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin in The Legend of Shen Li, as well as Wang Yibo and Li Qin in War of Faith. April seems to be just as packed with new releases. Li Xian isn’t the only one making a comeback; his former co-star Yang Zi, with whom he has a new drama coming up, is currently in the family drama Best Choice Ever alongside Xu Kai. In a landscape where not every drama available for streaming makes it to television, these dramas have all secured primetime slots on major Chinese broadcast networks. And it seems we might have yet another one in the Republican spy genre with Qin Hao and Yang Mi’s In the Name of the Brother, possibly airing soon. April is shaping up to be an exciting month for drama enthusiasts!

Shooting Stars Synopsis

Shooting Stars
Photo: Shooting Stars / Weibo

In the Republican spy thriller, Li Xian stars as Hua Zhen, a scion of a wealthy high ranking political family with ties to the Kuomintang. Before taking an unexpected trip to Shanghai which completely changed the direction of his life, he planned to join the navy to realise his dream of becoming a navy captain. Setting those dreams aside, he changed his name to Xiang Yuansheng and became a police officer.

He encounters many of the young people flocking into the cosmopolitan city, ones with different backgrounds including inspector Shi Junyu (Wang Zixuan), rookie female police officer Luo Minmin portrayed by actress Ren Min and police captain Chen Hao played by Zhou You. The latter two of which will eventually become two of the most important people in his life.

Will Love in Spring Synopsis

Will Love in Spring Poster
Photo: Will Love in Spring / Weibo

If a modern romance is more your vibe, the adaptation of the web novel Lovers by She Musi might just do the trick. Li Xian stars as Chen Maidong who let’s just say, has quite the unusual career in this one. Chen Maidong works as a makeup artist in a funeral parlor after something happened to him that made him change his ways from his rebellious youth.

Co-star Zhou Yutong meanwhile plays Zhuang Jie who finds herself disabled after a car accident.  Not one to let her disability affect her future, she worked hard to make a name for herself in the big city. When a lonely funeral parlor makeup artist with a rebellious personality meets a disabled medical salesperson with grit and determination, who knows just what might happen next?

Will Love in Spring also features several guest stars including actress Liu Lin as Zhuang Jie’s mum, actress Fang Fang as Nanny Chen and actress Wan Peng as Wang Xixia. The series also features Wu Junting as Zhuang Yan and Zhang Xiwei as He Niaoniao.

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