Fans Gather to Pay Respects at Kathy Chow’s Final Resting Place in Beijing

Fans Gather to Pay Respects at Kathy Chow's Final Resting Place in Beijing

Kathy Chow passed away suddenly from a heart attack in December 2023. Now that the Hong Kong actress has been laid to rest, fans have been going there to pay their respects. Photos taken from the cemetery show how the late actress’s tombstone bears an image of her character Zhou Zhiruo from ‘The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.’ Her final resting place is in Beijing, located at “Changping District’s Tian Shou Ling Yuan Cemetery Ruyi Section (Celebrity Plot).”

Kathy Chow’s family, revealed in a statement through her studio: “Our family searched many places in Hong Kong and Beijing, and we found this new home very suitable. It was mother’s favorite and convenient for people from all walks of life to pay their respects. Haimei loved Beijing very much. She had been living and working in Beijing since she was 36 years old, for twenty-one years.”

They thanked everyone for loving Kathy Chow, and revealed that all of the late actress’s social media accounts, including her pets’ social media, will be preserved for everyone to browse and remember.

Photo: Hong Xing Xin Wen / Weibo

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