Kathy Chow Studio Confirms Actress’s Sudden Passing, She Was 57

Kathy Chow Studio Confirms Actress's Sudden Passing, She Was 57

Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow has passed away on December 11, 2023. Her studio confirmed the news on December 12 saying the actress died after unsuccessful medical treatment. They wrote, “May there be no disease in heaven, and may we meet again in the next life!” Kathy Chow’s mother also issued a statement on behalf of their family, “Dearest Hoi-mei, hope you will continue to be happy in another world, the family is proud of you.”

The actress’s passing has left many shocked and deeply saddened. Kathy Chow had just turned 57 on December 6. She had also just attended an event last month, but it will now be remembered as her final public appearance.

News of Kathy Chow’s passing first broke online on the 11th though her staff could not be contacted when the media reached out to confirm. Some had hoped that it was just another death hoax as industry insiders clarified that Kathy was sent to the hospital after becoming unconscious. Hong Kong director Frankie Chen even said that she’s still alive and expected to recover as per his knowledge. Sadly, her studio has subsequently released a statement to confirm her passing.

Kathy Chow was a top star in her heyday. Many will remember her as the “most beautiful Zhou Zhiruo” from the 1994 version of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. In recent years, she was also part of the hit 2018 fantasy series Ashes of Love.

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