Kathy Chow Cause of Death Revealed, Her Beloved Pets to Remain in Beijing

Kathy Chow Cause of Death Revealed, Her Beloved Pets to Remain in Beijing

It’s been over two weeks since the world was shocked over the news that Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow died suddenly at the age of 57. On December 27, her older sister released a statement on behalf of their family that addressed lingering questions such as distribution of inheritance, cause of death, and living arrangement for the late actress’s beloved pets.

After her short-lived marriage to actor Ray Lui many years ago, Kathy Chow who remained single at the time of her death leaves behind a mother and siblings. All of her property and real estate will be inherited by her mother. Her ashes will also be brought back to their hometown of Hong Kong. The family also hopes that everyone can stop speculating about the cause of death. They reveal that surveillance footage and forensics have determined that Kathy Chow died of a sudden heart attack. It was described as “very calm, very peaceful, without pain.”

Many had wondered what would become of the late actress’s beloved pets as she was living alone in Beijing while her family is in Hong Kong. The statement revealed that it’s simply not possible to bring the cats and dogs back to Hong Kong and that quarantine and other procedures alone would take 10 months. Furthermore, Kathy Chow’s mother is over 70 years old while her older sister and younger brother are unable to have suitable conditions to keep the animals. Hence, the pets will remain in Beijing. Kathy Chow’s good friends who are pet lovers themselves have agreed to adopt. Their family is also discussing the possibility of disclosing the adoption, but they say it will take time.

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