Danson Tang’s Fiancée Becky Su Confirm His Second Son

Taiwanese Actor Danson Tang and Fiancée Becky Su Confirm They Have a 2-Year-Old Son

Recent reports from Taiwanese media captured images of Danson Tang and his fiancée Becky Su stepping out with a toddler who’s nearly 2 years old. Given the news about them, the 26-year-old model-actress took to social media to confirm that she indeed has a son with Danson. She shared a photo of herself with their son, affectionately referring to him as her “little sweetheart.”

Their little boy is Danson Tang’s second child. Just last year, the 39-year-old actor shocked many when he revealed he actually has a son with his ex-girlfriend. His first child is 11 or 12 by now. Danson Tang’s relationship with Becky Su has attracted attention due to his very public proposal on the reality show Call Me By Fire.

Danson Tang and Becky Su's son

In response to renewed attention, Danson Tang shared a statement emphasizing his preference for a low-key lifestyle. He mentioned his reluctance to discuss personal matters publicly, as he values the privacy and well-being of his family. He wrote, ‘Those who know me understand that I prefer to live quietly in private. I don’t like to draw attention. Even when I’m not working, I don’t enjoy crowded places. So, besides myself, I don’t want my family to be under scrutiny or publicly discussed. Therefore, I choose not to respond to many things, wanting to give my family space and protection.‘ He admits the decision is a double-edged sword. But regardless, he and his fiancee hope for everyone’s blessings.

Source: Tang Yu Zhe and Becky Su / Weibo

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