Song Joong Ki Cameo, Heartbreak and Cliffhanger in “Queen of Tears” Usher Ratings High as the Show Overtakes “Vincenzo” in tvN Top 10

Song Joong Ki Cameo in Divorce Proceedings and Unexpected Cliffhanger Ushers Ratings High for "Queen of Tears"

Queen of Tears really got me super hooked. It’s a certified hit, premiering with ratings at 5.853% and steadily climbing into double digits at 12.985%. It’s ultimately reached a new high of 16.143% as of the latest episode 8. Now, it sits at #8 in tvN’s top 10, overtaking Vincenzo. The pivotal episode that contributed to this success featured a cameo appearance by Song Joong Ki, who hilariously portrayed Hong Hae-in’s “mafia” lawyer, pitted against Kim Soo Hyun’s husband Baek Hyun-woo, as they navigate through divorce proceedings.

While the dynamic between these two top actors (plus an Arthdal Chronicles reunion with the female lead) is a highlight, the show’s exceptional writing by writer Park Ji-eun (Crash Landing on You) must not be overlooked. Queen of Tears brilliantly showcases the star power of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won. After recent events, we’ve been taken on a rollercoaster of emotions. The heartache of the heroine, already grappling with a terminal illness, discovering her husband’s attempt to divorce her came at a particularly vulnerable moment when the couple’s relationship was improving.

Hong Hae In chaebol family

Despite the timing, perhaps it was a necessary development to propel the story forward, even if it means witnessing Kim Soo Hyun’s character endure the fallout of being discarded by his wife’s chaebol family. This twist in the plot accelerated the narrative, especially as the family clearly makes a mistake trusting the wrong side and losing everything. Then there’s Hae-In’s brother, played by Kwak Dong-yeon, who experienced the ordeal of his wife leaving him and taking their son. And the cliffhanger: the once-snobbish family must face the consequences and adjust to life on their son-in-law’s farm. With its unique blend of romance and comedy, one can only anticipate the delightful chaos that will unfold as the story progresses.

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