Kim Soo Hyun Who Starred In Several Hit Dramas, Takes Pay Cut For The Sake Of Production

Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun touted as one of South Korea’s highest earning actors recently made the news over his paycheck for his latest hit drama “Queen of Tears.” Reports initially surfaced claiming that the actor was demanding a staggering 800 million KRW (approximately USD 595,000) per episode. However, as the dust settled, the truth emerged. Kim Soo Hyun is said to have actually volunteered to take a considerably lower compensation, even lower than his previous project “One Ordinary Day.”

This comes at a time when the Korean entertainment industry sees a decline in drama productions and increasing costs. A number of actors have already spoken up about the lack of work offers. Less dramas being made make it difficult to secure new projects while other top stars get multiple offers, highlighting the huge disparity in job opportunities.

Behind closed doors, it looks like the team behind “Queen of Tears” found themselves also grappling with escalating production costs. According to Sports Chosun, an insider revealed that it was writer Park Ji Eun who worked with Kim Soo Hyun multiple times from “My Love from the Star” to his currently airing drama, who made a request to the 36-year-old actor, who decided to take a pay cut for the sake of production. As rumors about Kim Soo Hyun’s “exorbitant pay” ran rampant, Studio Dragon, the production team of “Queen of Tears,” swiftly said there’s no truth to it.

Photo: goldmedalist_official

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