Queen of Tears Begins Its Climb Up the Ratings Charts

Queen of Tears
Queen of Tears
Flashback to happier times

Queen of Tears, which stars Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won recently kicked off its premiere episode on March 9. Whilst still pretty new, things have started to get interesting. The dark comedy romance drama has already inched its way the ratings charts. It premiered with 5.9% and climbed to a national average of 8.7% for just its second episode. Considering the unusually fresh take the show writers had in reimagining the second chance romance trope between Kim Soo-hyun’s character Hyun-woo and his third generation chaebol wife Hae-in played by Kim Ji-won, it’s only bound to get higher.

Speaking of recent episodes, we know marrying into one of Korea’s elite chaebol families is no walk in the park. Suffocated by his domineering in-laws, Hyun-woo finally has enough. The couple’s marriage is headed to splitsville. But just as he was about to serve her the divorce papers, Hae-in drops the bomb that she only has three months to live.

So it looks like a divorce is no longer necessary since she’s dying. All he needs is to do now is just to hang on a little bit longer and wait it out. Faced with the possibility that an inheritance, Hyun-woo’s enterprising lawyer friend tells him to be good to her instead. Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind and give him an inheritance after all.

Here’s where the twist to the second chance romance trope kicks in since he’s been super sweet to her lately. Given all the flashbacks where they were very much in love before they married, what began as a mercenary move on Hyun-woo’s end might backfire and end up rekindling those old feelings after all. But alas the road to happiness isn’t a straight one. It looks like Hyun-woo might be facing some competition coming his way with the entrance of Park Sung-Hoon’s character as Hae-in’s old flame.

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