Meng Ziyi and Li Yunrui Take Up Leading Roles in “Blossom”

Meng Ziyi and Li Yunrui Take the Leading Roles in "Blossom"

So, Blossom 九重紫 has wrapped up filming this week, and I must say, I quite like the cast with Meng Ziyi and Li Yunrui taking the lead roles. This one’s another heroine rebirth drama based on a novel of the same name, which seems to be quite popular lately. It’s not your typical star-studded lineup, but there’s definitely potential, and it’s really about time for the two leads to get their moment.

After all, most people may know the 28-year-old actress from The Untamed, where she received some flak for being the “female.” She even had a controversial image supposedly due to her personality in reality shows, but over the years, things have definitely turned around. People are starting to like her, and I must say, I’m one of them. As for 27-year-old Li Yunrui, he’s mostly been cast in supporting or secondary roles, including his recent portrayal of the charismatic antagonist in Scent of Time. There’s also his most recent role in The Last Immortal.

Blossom also stars Snow Kong who’s been racking up acting projects since debuting with THE9 and X NINE’s Xia Zhiguang who’s fresh from the success of The Spirealm. This is another one produced by Youhug Media.

Blossom supporting cast

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