Meng Ziyi Stresses That She Was Never A Love Interest in The Untamed

Meng Ziyi Stresses That She Was Never A Love Interest in The Untamed
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[spoilers about Wen Qing] Despite a shaky start, The Untamed 陈情令 starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo has been steadily gotten love from viewers. However, it wasn’t that long ago when fans were upset that the story which is adapted from a BL novel would be changed to include Meng Ziyi’s character Wen Qing as a female love interest. As a result, Meng Ziyi bore the the brunt of the backlash as she was bashed on social media. 

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Now that a big chunk of the story has aired, it’s become clear that Wen Qing is not a love interest for Wei Wuxian. Meng Ziyi whom I suspect is tired of all the negativity finally took to social media to explain herself. She clarified that she didn’t have financial backing when she joined the cast, that she didn’t change the script for The Untamed and that her character is not getting resurrected. Wen Qing has been turned to ashes and the actress Meng Ziyi signs off. 

She admits that in the Xuanwu Cave scene, it was in the script that Wei Wuxian would be branded in order to save her but she explains that the motivation behind the change was so that Wen Qing will help Wei Wuxian when he would ask for her favor to help Jiang Cheng restore his golden core. The change did not end up making the final cut. Nonetheless, Meng Ziyi stresses that the script never had a love story for her character. 
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Despite her clarifications, some people are still skeptical.  Others have asked why she waited this long to say something if there was no love story intended from the start. Some fans believe that there really were scenes filmed with Wen Qing as a love interest, however, objections were too strong that the production team changed their minds. One of the commenters posted a photo taken during filming that showed Meng Ziyi holding on to Xiao Zhan’s sleeve.   

I can somewhat understand why people would be upset, but regardless of the circumstances, The Untamed seems to be putting effort into staying true to the novel, which is a good thing.

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