Eleanor Lee’s Head-to-Head Photo with Wallace Huo Stirs Debate, But Ruby Lin Is Right There

A recent post by Singaporean actress Eleanor Lee Kaixin has set tongues wagging. The crux of the drama? A photograph featuring the 24-year-old actress and actor Wallace Huo with their heads together and his arm draped around her shoulders. The 44-year-old actor who temporarily stepped away from the spotlight after becoming a father has now filmed consecutive dramas. He’ll be back with The Tale of Rose and Why Is He Still Single, the Chinese remake of the J-dorama The Man Who Can’t Get Married.

Wallace’s Why Is He Still Single co-star Eleanor Lee had posted about their recent get together on social media with the caption, “Happy Family.” She said she’s happy they can still gather together even after filming wrapped at the end of January. She wrote, “Thank you, Brother Hua (Wallace Huo), for always taking care and being fond of this little sister. 💛 The days with you on set are truly joyful!” She also thanked Wallace’s wife Ruby Lin for hosting them warmly. Eleanor stood alongside Ruby in the group photos. But it’s the first photo of just her and Wallace that sparked a flurry of online reactions. Even her use of the word teng (疼), which translates to fond was scrutinized.

Left to Right: Wallace Huo, Quan Yi Fong, Eleanor Lee and Ruby Linq

Some expressed concern over the apparent “closeness,” saying they wouldn’t be okay with the gesture if it were their husbands. Some contest the “overreaction” since Wallace’s wife Ruby Lin is literally in the photos with them and not saying anything. Even Eleanor’s celebrity mom, Quan Yi Fong, is also in the group photo, painting a clearly wholesome narrative.


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