Ruby Lin Reveals How Their Baby Changed Her and Wallace Huo’s Lives

Ruby Lin Reveals How Their Baby Changed Her and Wallace Huo’s Lives
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Being parents is certainly not easy but more often than not, it is hugely rewarding.  Celebrity couple Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have been married for three years since they tied the knot in 2016. In that amount of time, they have been blessed with a baby girl.  With their daughter, Huo Hsiao-ju now more than 2 years old, Ruby talks about what it’s like to have their own little bundle of joy when she attended a recent event for a mother and baby care brand.

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Now that they’re parents, Ruby says that the couple have made many adjustments. Their daughter’s things occupy a huge part of the garage and it has become quite crowded.  She also says that their driving has changed quite a bit as both used to drive fast but not anymore. Ruby recalls a time when Wallace was driving to Taipei with their daughter.  When they reached home, it was revealed that Wallace received a ticket, not for driving too fast, but for driving too slow.

When Ruby Lin was busy at work, it was Wallace who would take their daughter out to many different places, sometimes even secretly giving her ice cream and french fries which are considered ‘sin’ foods at their home.  Wallace would also be the one to play hide and seek with her.  He also lets their daughter play with his hair and Ruby can see in his eyes just how much he adores their little one. Wallace also jokes that he really has been unemployed for a long time. As a parent, Ruby Lin says she isn’t really that strict.  Both she and Wallace take turns teaching their child and they don’t meddle in each other’s parenting styles. 

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