Eleanor Lee Has Been Gracing Magazine Covers with Mom Quan Yi Fong Since She Was 2

eleanor lee quan yi fong
After playing the utterly hilarious heroine in The Big BossEleanor Lee Kaixin who hails from Singapore has been building a steady career in China with starring roles in a number of online dramas. As it turns out, the young star who just turned 20 this month is the daughter of actress, host and comedian Quan Yi Fong. The two take mother-daughter bonding to another level as they have been posing for the cameras together time and again with magazine covers dating back to when Eleanor was 2, 10, 15 and now 20.

While most of us recognize Eleanor from her dramas, it’s adorable to see her transition from a toddler to an adult as both mom and daughter rock in their cream-colored jumpsuits. The resemblance is apparent and I gotta give it to Quan Yi Fong who can pass as Eleanor’s older sister. 
eleanor lee quan yi fong
Seeing them so close is not really surprising as the two have been quite vocal about their relationship. Eleanor was born Yu Kaixin (俞凱馨) in Taiwan though she later moved with her mom to Singapore after her parents divorced when she was still young. She eventually changed her name to Li Kaixin (李凯馨) and got the surname from her godfather, Addy Lee, who is very close with the mother-daughter duo. 
I love the relationship that the two have. Their love for each other is so evident in their interactions. Eleanor Lee had even mentioned previously that her mother can retire now that she’s earning well for both of them. Aww
eleanor lee quan yi fong
eleanor lee quan yi fong
eleanor lee quan yi fong
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