Bai Lu’s Stand-In Only Has Good Things to Say About the Actress

Bai Lu's Stand In
 Bai Lu's stand-in on the left
Bai Lu and her stand-in standing on the left

It’s really hard to predict what Netizens will take umbrage to next. Bai Lu was trending on the hot search recently for a behind a scenes photo she shared of herself on the set of her latest drama. Whilst this might seem like a normal peek at the costumes and happenings on set, Netizens quickly accused the actress of not wanting to share the spotlight with her stand-in lest she too becomes famous. That’s why they said she only showed the back of her stand-in’s head in the shot.

In contrast, Hu Yilin 胡伊林 who works as Bai Lu’s stand-in only has good things to say. After the issue started trending, she took to social media clarifying that she didn’t turn around for the photo because she was shy and nothing else. She also praised Bai Lu for being really great as well as for her great work ethic. “Since then till now, I have seen her working hard and taking her roles seriously” she shares. Not to say though that it was all work and no play on the set. Yilin shares Bai Lu is super cheerful and the vibe on set is always a happy one. And if there’s something good to eat or drink on set, she says the actress will always grab some for her. It never felt like work, Yilin says. That’s perhaps the reason why she said Bai Lu totally deserves everyone’s love.

Bai lu's stand-in defends her
Bai Lu’s stand-in Hu Yilin says it’s simply because she was embarassed to face the cameras

In our eyes and in our hearts, she is a beautiful existence!! I am luck to have met you. I wish big sister Lu will always stay safe and live peacefully, that she will always be healthy. More importantly, may she quickly get rich rich rich!” That’s quite a rousing recommendation if you’ve ever seen one, and from someone who works super closely with Bai Lu too.

Hu Yilin has been a body double for Bai Lu many times in dramas like Story of Kunning Palace, Till the End of the Moon, and most recently, Moonlight Mystique.

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