Victoria Song and Dylan Wang Set the Roof on Fire with Their New Year’s Eve Gala Performance

Victoria Song and Dylan Wang Set the Roof on Fire with Their New Year's Eve Gala Performance

Happy 2024! As always, the countdown to the new year was filled with many New Year’s Eve Galas. There were performances from the likes of popular post-95 stars Bai Lu, Zhao Lusi and Esther Yu to Yang Zi singing the theme song for her hit drama Lost You Forever. But there’s one in particular that actually has a funny “story” behind it.

As part of Hunan TV’s lineup, Victoria Song and Dylan Wang became the “couple” you didn’t expect with their sizzling hot rendition of her hit song Roof on Fire. Ratings for their performance shot up to the 2.7 range and was among the contributors that led to Hunan securing top ratings for the night. After all, who could top that ending where Victoria leaned in for a kiss. Whether they actually kissed or not became one of the trending topics, not to mention the shocked faces from Dylan’s Hello, Saturday family that were also hosts for the night.

The 36-year-old actress and 25-year-old actor with their 11 year age gap had so much chemistry that many could totally see them in a jie di lian drama, but yet another highlight has got to be the moment Dylan actually hummed “Der Der Der” on stage. In the reality show Wonderland, Dylan sang two lines of Victoria’s Roof on Fire and kept humming “Der Der Der” in place of the music. When Victoria asked why everyone’s singing “Der Der Der”, Dylan said it’s because the sound from her song is hard to make. Dylan has hummed “Der Der Der” on other shows he’s been on including Keep Running. No wonder many find it hilarious that his singing finally came full circle when he got to perform Roof on Fire onstage with none other than the original singer.

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