“Keep Running S11” Edits Out Cai Xukun from Their Thailand Special Leaving No Trace He Was Ever There

"Keep Running S11" Edits Out Cai Xukun from Their Thailand Special Leaving No Trace He Was Ever There

Keep Running S11 (奔跑吧第七季) was postponed for the last two Fridays unable to air its special Thailand episode. Many attributed the sudden postponement to Cai Xukun’s scandal that started with abortion accusations from a woman. The popular idol was among the star-studded cast who shot the season’s Thailand special that will also see guests like Dylan Wang and Thai native G(IDLE)’s Minnie who joins her fellow member and Keep Running regular Song Yuqi on the show.

Keep Running episode in Thailand

Given China’s stringent stance on “problematic” celebs, it wasn’t clear what will happen to Cai Xukun who had issued a denial and even filed a police report on some of the allegations against him. On July 14, which was the third Friday since Keep Running’s postponement, the long-awaited Thailand episode finally aired. It looks like the show has decided to dissociate from the singer as he has been completely edited out. Due to all the talk around the episode, Keep Running shot up to number one in ratings. How post-production managed to edit out Cai Xukun as if he was never there also trended. Many took screencaps of the spacing between the cast to show that a person should be standing there.

Cai Xukun has been busy with his Kun 2023 World Tour in recent months. Even before the Thailand episode, it was announce that his concert in Guangzhou has been postponed. Meanwhile, the idol’s concert in Singapore scheduled for tomorrow, July 15, appears to be unaffected.

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