Cai Xukun in a Scandal Over Claims by a Woman Who Had an Abortion After an Alleged One Night Stand with the Idol

Cai Xukun
Cai Xukun
Photo: caizicaixukun / Weibo

Oh my, it’s been scandal after scandal these past two weeks and the month hasn’t even ended! This week, it’s 24-year-old singer-songwriter Cai Xukun who has tongues wagging – first when he allegedly got a hook up pregnant and then later when a recording of his mum supposedly telling staff to negotiate compensation with the woman to get an abortion leaked online. Moreover, it is also alleged that his mum also hired a private investigator who resorted to not so legal means to spy on her.

According to the entertainment paparazzi site 推理君江小宴, the idol and “Miss C” hooked up in May of 2021 after meeting through a friend at a KTV whilst on a night out in Beijing. A month later, the woman found out she was pregnant. The site claimed that the woman was asked to have an abortion which she did so alone in July 2021.

Mum Steps In

Moreover, when Cai Xukun’s mum found out about the situation, the paparazzo claimed she allegedly contacted the woman to talk about compensation especially when her son admitted to not having used protection that night. In the leaked recording released with the expose, a female voice the paparazzo claims is Kun’s mum can be heard telling a staff member to withdraw some funds. “I don’t think she will easily agree to go (get an abortion). Get some cash” she said. “Around 100,000 to 200,000 cash. There’s no need to give her so much at once if this is even true. For now, we don’t really trust each other.”

Mum also allegedly prepared for the possibility that her son could be a victim of a woman hoping to cash in by claiming she’s pregnant with his child. To prepare for this, the paparazzi claimed that the mum also hired investigators to tail the woman. However, it seems the PI went about it illegally when they installed a pinhole camera at the door of Miss C’s house to monitor her activities.

Fans Attempt to Debunk Claims

There hasn’t been any reaction from the idol’s end thus far, but the topic has been trending on Weibo hot search all day under different hashtags. Perhaps like other rumours and accusations to come out of the rumourmill, it’s too ridiculous to merit a statement? Nonetheless supportive fans of Cai Xukun tried to debunk the rumours one by one. First, they said the timings don’t match. In May of 2021, the singer was busy filming for the variety show Keep Running 奔跑吧 where he’s a series regular. As for the leaked recording, they said his mum’s voice is totally different based on previous variety show appearances to the one on the tape.

Then there’s the DNA evidence released by Miss C. They said that without the names of the parents, it only proves Miss C had an abortion but it doesn’t prove the identity of whoever was in charge.

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