“Me Too” Finds Mickey Huang Issuing Apology for Sexual Harassment, Now Stable After Self-Inflicted Wounds

Mickey Huang

Taiwanese comedian-host Mickey Huang was admitted to the Taipei Chang Gung Mermorial Hospital at noon today to receive emergency treatment on what appears to be self-inflicted knife wounds to his body.  The 51-year-old celebrity was also said to reek of alcohol.

Before the incident, he uploaded three videos on his Facebook page apologising for his failings. With the “Me Too” movement gaining traction in Taiwan, he said he felt “restless during this wave of incidents”. This comes at the heels of accusations from a popular blogger named Zofia who claimed that she was sexually harassed whilst she was still a minor several years ago.

Harassment Allegations

On her Facebook fan page, Zofia credited the recent Me Too movement sweeping Taiwan and the fact that she has been seeing her harasser on TV for the past two days as what gave her a final push to put her own story out there. She said she was just 17 when a showbiz senior forcibly kissed her. He also fooled her into posing topless for photos which he claimed he was using for an art exhibition. “I still remember him taking pictures whilst I was in tears saying “you’re very beautiful when you cry”. Lulled by his “good image”, she said she was young and stupid back then. 

Although the blogger didn’t name names in her revelation, she dropped a few hints as to whom it could be. “A senior in showbiz who has a kind image, has great taste in music and art, hosted radio shows and programs and has a positive image.” Zofia also hinted that the person has a newborn daughter.

Childhood Trauma and Turning His Life Around

Meanwhile, in the videos he uploaded at noon today (June 19) Mickey Huang apologised first for disappointing everyone. “I am sorry that I have violated everyone’s trust and let so many people down”. He said that since meeting his wife Summer Meng more than a decade ago, he has been working hard to turn his life around and to change himself, even more so now that he has a daughter. “However, there are things in the past that cannot be changed as they have already happened, nor can they be reversed. No matter how good I am, no matter how many more people I care for people I help, I know it’s too late”.

“Why did I become like this?” Mickey claimed that he started developing his “a little morbid and perverted” character after watching his mum cheat constantly on his father since he was 10. During one of her trysts with her lover, he said they even had sex beside him. Whilst he was still a student, he added that he’d watch porn and even tried to copy what he saw. But he says it’s too late to make an apology now.

Exposing Others Who “Got Away” With Bad Deeds

Aside from this Mickey also ranted about people whom he said got away with doing bad things. Amongst those he named and shamed were his ex Dee Hsu and her sister Barbie whom he claimed forced him to take drugs. He also mentioned popular TV host Jacky Wu who despite his good image and popularity is the type of person who owes money and doesn’t pay it back. Likewise, TV host and actor Sam Tseng did not escape his tell-all when he alleged that the host smoked and drank without regard for the historical sites he’s filming in like Zhongshan Hall.

Just because their misdeeds don’t fall under “Me Too” doesn’t mean they should be given a free pass, he said. Barely an hour after its upload, all three of his “confession videos” were taken down and his Facebook page deleted.

Meanwhile, Barbie Hsu has already responded to his claims against herself and her sister Dee saying they will be taking legal measures to deal with his accusations which are untrue.

As of press time, Mickey Huang is reported to be in stable condition.

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