Dee Hsu’s Daughter Lily Under Fire from C-Netz After Saying English is Her Mother Tongue

Dee Hsu's Daughter Under Fire After Saying English is Her Mother Tongue
Photos: elephantdee and lilyhsuuuu / Instagram

Being one of Taiwanese host Dee Hsu’s three daughters and niece to Barbie Hsu, Lily Hsu (許韶恩) is no stranger to the spotlight. At 15, she’s earned praise for her looks and seems to be doing her fair share of modelling just like her eldest sister Elle who’s even breaking into showbiz. However, it looks like being under the spotlight also means increased scrutiny.

The 15-year-old Lily recently posted a Q and A with her followers on her Instagram story. When she was asked why she often speaks in English, the youngster replied that it’s because her English is better than her Chinese. Lily Hsu added that English is her mother tongue and she uses it to communicate at school, at home, and with her friends. She also said that she wants to learn how to speak Chinese better.

As the topic trended on Chinese social media, a lot of C-netizens felt that it was inappropriate for her to say that English is her native language when they feel it should be Mandarin. There are, of course, those who defended Lily and even posted a video of her speaking in English to show that she is in fact fluent. However, some reasoned that it doesn’t matter how good she is, it won’t change her native tongue.


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