Gigi Leung Finally Home with Family After Filming New Taiwanese Series Adapted from a Junji Ito Manga

Gigi Leung Finally Home After Two Months Away Filming in Taiwan
Photo: Gigi Leung / Instagram

It must’ve been a tough two months for Hong Kong actress Gigi Leung who had to be away from her family whilst filming a brand new project in Taiwan. Showing a very different side of herself, the  46-year-old actress is set to star in the upcoming horror-suspense series Bloody Smart. Nonetheless, it seems filming has already wrapped with Gigi finally back home with her family.

Although I’ve been back since the end of last month, I still wanted to give myself something to play back and watch anytime. Living in a pandemic, time together becomes invaluable. Always remind yourself that reunions shouldn’t be taken for granted. Whether it’s day or night, even if we wanted to see each other, we couldn’t. This is something we all should cherish.” The actress shared a super cute clip of her stint in quarantine when she returned to Hong Kong last August and the warm welcome she received from her excited family and their pets back home. Everyone’s excitement to have mum home is certainly quite infectious!

Taiwanese Debut

Bloody Smart is the live action adaption of manga artist Junji Ito which focuses on the story of a single mum and her daughter who moves to a new mysterious town and a new school. It also marks Gigi’s debut performance in a Taiwanese production. Meanwhile, famed host Dee Hsu’s eldest daughter Elle Hsu (許曦文) is also said to be making her acting debut in her first TV series.

Filming ceremony for Gigi Leung's new Taiwanese series
Photo: 聰明鎮 / Facebook

If you’re wondering what’s so special about it that she’d be willing to be away from her husband Sergio whom she married in 2011 and their daughter Sofia for two months, the actress said in an interview previously that she wants to challenge herself and her acting more. She said she was initially attracted to the challenging role of playing a single mum. Add that to the fact that the series falls under the horror category, Gigi said she spent a lot of time preparing herself psychologically to do the role justice.

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