“Phoenix Stage” Marks Allen Ren’s Fourth Upcoming Historical and a Fresh Pairing with Peng Xiaoran

Feng Huang Tai Shang, which translates to Phoenix Stage 凤凰台上, held its booting ceremony on January 27. It stars Allen Ren Jialun and Peng Xiaoran in a tale of love that brings a blend of the martial arts world and political scheming in the imperial court. Allen Ren portrays the benevolent yet cunning emperor, Xiao Huan opposite Peng Xiaoran’s role as the chivalrous heroine Ling Cangcang.

Based on the novel My Empress 我的皇后 by Xie Nan Lou 谢楼南, Phoenix Stage explores their complex relationship. It starts from their initial meeting when the emperor who ventures into the world of jianghu under the name Bai Chifan crosses paths with the heroine. As it turns out, she is his “fiancee” and his political rival’s daughter. Both stars are no stranger to the historical setting. Allen’s One and Only left viewers in tears while Peng Xiaoran’s Goodbye My Princess is practically representative of tragic endings. What more when we have both collaborating on one project.

Photo: Allen Ren 任嘉伦全国后援会 / Weibo

Allen Ren’s prominent presence was definitely highlighted in the grandiose ceremony that saw his fan support coming in droves. The drama is speculated to be Allen Ren’s last project with H&R Century Pictures assuming he does not renew with them after his contract expires. The 34-year-old actor has three other upcoming historicals in The Demon Hunter’s Romance, Burning Flames and Love of Nirvana.

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