“Love of Nirvana” Packs an Angsty Love Triangle Between Ren Jialun, Li Landi and Xu Zhengxi

Love of Nirvana 流水迢迢 has certainly been drumming up interest with a barrage of new promos to coincide with the wrap of filming. It also gives a glimpse into the main trio of Allen Ren Jialun, Li Landi and Xu Zhengxi.

Allen Ren in ravishing red represents the blood-soaked phoenix whose gone undercover to find the truth behind what happened to his family. He attempts to kidnap the only survivor of the Qi Wang case, but his plan is disrupted by the appearance of the female lead Jiang Ci. Li Landi in ethnic costume gives off naive and innocent vibes as the love interest who will capture both men’s hearts. Meanwhile, Xu Zhengxi once again plays a calculating man in a position of power (he does that so well too!).

Love of Nirvana is adapted from the novel Forever Flowing Waters by Xiao Lou, and seems to be one of those stories that will have you torn between the two male leads. If that’s not enough heartache, things seem to take a tragic turn no matter which ship you’re on as the novel is listed as having a sad ending. Granted, dramas don’t necessary follow the novel, so it could play out completely different.

The show brings together a huge supporting cast that includes Gao Han, Zhang Yaqin (girl really needs another female lead role after Ancient Love Song), Zhao Huawei, and Ryan Zhu Yuanbing. Veteran actor Zhang Fengyi, Wen Zhengrong, Tao Xinran, Yao Chi, Ji Xiaobing and Cao Feiran take special starring roles.

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