Joey Meng, Kristy Yang and Yvonne Yung: Beauty Queens Turned Actresses, Where Are They Now?

Former beauty queens turned actresses
Joey Meng, Kristy Yang and Yvonne Yung
Photo(s): Joey Meng, Kristy Yang and Yvonne Yung / Weibo

There’s quite a few famous faces in the Hong Kong entertainment industry who took the leap from the pageant circuit to showbiz. Amongst those who were quite famous in the 90s, Joey Meng Yee-man, Kristy Yang Gongru and Yvonne Yung Hung all got their start in showbiz through the Miss Asia Pageant masterminded by Hong Kong station ATV. Let’s check out where they are now –

Joey Meng

Known for playing Ma Siu-ling in the My Date with a Vampire series, 53-year-old Joey Meng seems to have done an amazing job taking care of herself as she hardly looks her age at all. Another thing she’s known for? It’s her endless legs. Years ago, Joey’s legs were dubbed “the most beautiful legs in Hong Kong” and it looks like it’s still pretty fitting even at 53.

Before marrying her husband Chan Sap-sam who incidentally was the screenwriter for My Date with a Vampire in 2000, Joey also famously dated Donnie Yen.  In 2012, Joey moved from ATV to TVB. She left TVB for good in 2020, choosing instead to focus on growing a career in China. These days it appears she has also added B&B owner to her list of hustles as she now co-owns two B&Bs with her friends, one located in Zhejiang’s Mogan mountain and another in Nanjing.

Kristy Yang

Like Yvonne and Joey, 49-year-old Kristy also got her foot into showbiz after joining and winning the Miss Asia title in 1995. Although she has retired from the bright lights of Hong Kong showbiz, you can still find the Chinese-Canadian actress appearing from time to time in projects such as Goodbye My Princess or playing Empress Wu Ze Tian in the Detective Dee web movies from a few years ago. These days, Kristy is living her best life as she travels around the world taking her mum shopping from time to time.

Yvonne Yung

Meanwhile, 55-year-old Yvonne Yung is a proud parent to daughter Crystal whom she shares with her husband Liu Lunhao. In recent years, she began to focus on growing her acting career in the mainland, appearing in a slew of supporting roles for dramas like Story of Kunning Palace, Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities and Rebirth for You just to name a few of her recent works.

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