Yvonne Yung Hung’s Daughter Accompanies Her on Set and Says It’s Harder than It Looks

Yvonne Yung Hung’s Daughter Accompanies Her on Set and Says It’s Harder than It Looks
Yvonne Yung and daughter Crystal Liu

Hong Kong actress Yvonne Yung Hung’s 14-year-old daughter Crystal Liu Shi 刘莳 gets a firsthand experience at how it is to be an actor when her mum took her on set earlier in the year. Sharing some pretty photos of herself playing dress up in a pink flowing robe with her hair also done up in ancient style, Crystal revealed she really felt the hardships endured by actors who had to film straight through winter. She also said she’d welcome the opportunity to put on ancient costumes in the future. Perhaps she’ll also be following in her mum’s footsteps in the future?

In this photoshoot, I really felt the difficulty actors have. I merely took a set of photos, but they have to shoot through an entire day in such cold weather. I never thought I’d be well suited to wear ancient costumes (my mum also said the same), but the result is much better than I imagine.” Thanking the team who worked on her mini shoot – the photographer, costume and makeup artist, Crystal added “I really loved wearing ancient costumes. I hope to have the opportunity to wear them again in the future. Thank you mum for this opportunity.”

Meanwhile, proud mum Yvonne shared her daughter’s photos on social media as well. Aside from how nicely the photos turned out to be, Yvonne was also quite proud of Crystal’s rather insightful comments. “Many people are blinded by the glitter and the vanity of the entertainment industry and oft ignore the hardships! You only took a set of photos in the cold weather and found a deeper appreciation. Mum is very thankful. Only by experience can we truly understand that every industry needs continuous effort to enrich and improve itself.

Yvonne Yung’s 14-year-old daughter Crystal Liu Shhi

Yvonne Yung is a former beauty queen and actress. In recent years, she’s appeared in various supporting roles for dramas such as Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities, and Rebirth For You. She is currently in the middle of filming the historical series Ning An Ru Meng 宁安如梦.

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