“Rebirth For You” Fake Horse Prop Draws Some Laughs

Ju JIngyi
Ju Jingyi in Rebirth for You

They say any publicity is good publicity .. but I’m not really sure an epic prop fail really counts? Historical drama Rebirth For You 嘉南传 has a very cute couple in Ju Jingyi and Joseph Zeng Shunxi who portray a romance between a princess and an imperial guard. The web drama has been doing well in terms of viewership but has also been criticized for shoddy production values among other things. In fact, it has hit the trending list recently but not for the usual reasons.

Now it’s fairly typical for shows to have fake stand-ins as props in the background, but when it comes to an action shot that has the main character jumping on a horse and riding away, surely a fake one won’t do? Nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened in a scene where Ju Jingyi hopped onto a brown horse and rode away. From the back, it does look like the actress is riding away on a real horse. However, in the shot from the front, the prop horse wouldn’t have been noticeable except the camera panned out to reveal … its unblinking painted eye.

Fake Horse

Talk about an epic fail right. If anything, it did get the job done to get the drama more attention (and got some laughs from viewers while at it). This is not the only thing they failed to edit properly with eagle-eyed netizens calling out a fake egg, a body double and other mishaps. While Ju Jingyi looks stunning in costume, there were also complaints about her pristine perfect outfits being impractical when her character whose a princess sets out to do woodwork. Needless to say, it seems the show is eliciting different responses from viewers. Are you one of those enjoying the show? or not?

Rebirth For You Fake Horse

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