Li Qin and Joseph Zeng Shunxi’s New Wuxia Series “Seven Nights of Snow” Drops First Stills

Li Qin and Joseph Zeng Shunxi's New Wuxia Series "Seven Nights of Snow" Drops First Stills

Today is Xiaoxue or minor snow, which is one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar. And for a drama aptly titled Qi Ye Xue 七夜雪, which translates to Seven Nights of Snow, the show has just dropped its first stills of leads Li Qin and Zeng Shunxi traversing snow-covered mountains in full costume. They are the main leads of iQIYI’s S-level drama adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Cang Yue who’s the same author behind this year’s The Longest Promise.

Aside from the two stars, the production also jointly named Ren Haitao who directed the hit series Mysterious Lotus Casebook alongside Hong Kong director Leung Sing Kuen to helm the upcoming wuxia.

Li Qin as a master of medicine

The drama’s two stars are certainly no stranger to the genre. Li Qin first broke out as the second lead in 2017’s Princess Agents. There were many names thrown into the mix before she was confirmed as the lead of Seven Nights of Snow. With all the talk about billing order, it looks like the 33-year-old actress has top billing over Joseph Zeng Shunxi who’s 7 years her junior. This time, she will be playing some sort of master of medicine named Xue Ziye.

Meanwhile, Joseph Zeng Shunxi will portray the number one swordsman Huo Zhanbai who seeks out Li Qin’s Xue Ziye to obtain medicine for his friend’s sick child. We’ve been seeing Zeng Shunxi a lot lately. First, he was Fang Duobing in this summer’s wuxia hit Mysterious Lotus Casebook. He also had a guest role in yet another popular wuxia series with My Journey to You. More recently, the actor was spotted getting his hands dirty in the farm opposite actress Tian Xiwei in Romance on the Farm.

Zeng Shunxi as the number one swordsman

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