Angelababy Graces the Cover of Grazia International Amidst Speculated Soft Ban in China

Amidst the controversies surrounding her, Angelababy who has been laying low has managed to grace the two covers of Grazia Singapore and Grazia International this November where the Shanghai born actress whose name is Angela Yeung Wing was introduced as the “Kim Kardashian of China.” This timely release comes as the actress is speculated to be facing a “soft ban” in her home country.

Angelababy drew backlash after reports that she watched Blackpink’s Lisa perform at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris. C-Netz were already against Lisa performing at the burlesque show, and anyone watching it, especially a public figure, is being slammed for setting a bad example. Even though Crazy Horse later issued a statement denying that the actress ever attended the show, it seems to have taken a toll on the 34-year-old star’s career nonetheless.

Earlier this month, Lisa’s Weibo account completely disappeared from Weibo. Angelababy’s Weibo account along with that of actress Zhang Jiani who was also rumored to have watched the show, have been muted. Their Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) accounts have also been subjected to the same restrictions, all of which cite “violation of rules and regulations” as the reason. Angelababy is also absent from the recently-announced special season of the variety show Keep Running 奔跑吧·生态篇 set to air on November 18.  While no explanation has been given, many speculate recent happenings to be the fallout over Crazy Horse.

Angelababy is no stranger to the pages of Grazia, having appeared on numerous covers in the past. While her latest magazine cover is outside of China, similar to routes taken by stars like Fan Bingbing and Cai Xukun, it is still a step. Besides, it appears brands have not publicly severed ties, so she could potentially bounce back from this.

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