Crystal Yuan Bingyan Tax Evasion Made Official, Dousing Hope for a Comeback

Yuan Bingyan
Yuan Bingyan

The official findings from China’s State Administration of Taxation on Crystal Yuan Bingyan’s tax evasion case is finally out, and the verdict? It appears after thorough investigation by the authorities, the actress will indeed be held accountable for tax-related irregularities such as the underpayment of her personal income and the misreporting of personal expenditure under operational expenses of her company.

When the issue first came to light last year from Chongqing authorities, the actress was reminded, warned and urged to take the necessary corrective actions. Despite this however, it’s reported that the actress failed to fully comply resulting in an investigation carried out on her and her related companies. Since then, Yuan Bingyan has been mandated to pay back taxes and late fees on top of fines amounting to a whopping RMB 2.9738 million. In a similar vein, the companies affiliated with her name are also required to pay up to RMB 1.3298 million in fines on top of back taxes and late fees after the audit found them guilty of tax related irregularities. The total adds up to RMB 4.3036 million, which is approximately 600K USD.

Testing the Waters for a Comeback?

Last year, everyone assumed the actress will be quietly withdrawing from the spotlight when the news first broke. She was also reportedly replaced as the second lead in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong due to the scandal. However, it also seemed like there was still hope. Unlike celebs like Deng Lun and Zheng Shuang whose accounts were completely wiped post scandal, Yuan Bingyan and her Studio are still able to share updates on social media. Then, there have been reports swirling that her dramas have passed review, and should be able to air.

On top of this, there’s also the discussion over how her tax issue appeared to be due to a lapse in management as it was found that her company owed taxes and not the actress herself. This certainly gave fans a lot of hope regarding a potential comeback. It’s worth noting here that the report also made mention of Yuan Bingyan pro-actively sharing info about her illegal tax related activities which the authorities have not yet uncovered. Folks reckon that it’s this action that ultimately “saved” her from getting completely cancelled.

Or Not?

Yuan Bingyan Studio posting updates about the actress on September 16, before the official findings were released.

With the recent tax allegations on Lareina Song Zu’er, there’s been renewed attention on Yuan Bingyan though many feel that her situation is different and likely to have passed already since it’s been over a year. However, it seems the state tax authorities have chosen this time to reveal their findings, which is undoubtedly a huge blow to the actress. As of this time, Yuan Bingyan’s personal social media account has been currently muted from making updates citing violations of rules and regulations on Weibo. Her upcoming dramas The Emperor’s Love with Wallace Chung and Love Never Fails with Liu Xueyi are also at risk. At the very least, the shows might have to resort to using AI face swap or completely reshoot her scenes if there’s any hope of getting air time in the future.

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