Li Yitong Criticised for Putting Her Bare Feet Up on Her Airline Seat, Are Female Stars Being Judged Too Harshly?

Li Yitong Criticised for Putting Her Bare Feet Up on Her Airline Seat
Photos: (Left) Li Yitong/ Weibo and (Right) Screencapture

It’s either a slow start of the week or there’s nothing else for Netizens to talk about because Li Yitong putting her bare feet up on her seat is a topic that saw itself on the trending list. A photo circulating of the 32-year-old actress getting comfy on her flight seems to have raised the hackles of some who said she was too “at home” that it was unsightly.

A chair is a place for you to sit on and it’s disrespectful and impolite to put your feet on it, some said. Moreover, folks also pointed out that taking off her shoes in a public space is not only unhygienic, but it’s also very undignified especially for a public figure many people look up to. Others meanwhile see nothing wrong with it saying she’s flying business class and you can definitely take off your shoes whilst on your flight.

Interestingly, the topic appeared to also highlight the obvious disparity in the standards male and female celebs are being held against.  Netizens pointed out that female stars are being judged too harshly these days as things like going barefoot, wearing a cleavage or belly baring outfit or a short skirt are already deemed news worthy.. in a negative way. Whereas male stars mostly get a free pass until they’re accused of doing far more outrageous scandals like gambling, sleeping around, harassing women and under-aged boys/girls.

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