Reyizha’s Airport Look Causes a Stir Online

Reyizha’s Airport Look Causes a Stir Online
reyizha airport look
The internet fashion police must have been working overtime last night judging from all the chatter overheating the Weibo-sphere caused by Reyizha Alimjan’s recent outfit at the airport! To combat the scorching heat, The Longest Day in Chang’An actress opted for casual cool, wearing a summer appropriate banana yellow spaghetti strapped top tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans.

It might sound simple, but her outfit surprisingly triggered a whole slew of negative reactions from Netizens who have labeled her lewk as an “eyesore” and “unsightly”. Some have even commented on her weight saying she’s fat while others found that it “exposed” her charms too much. Bitter much? 

Luckily for the actress, her supporters have her back, rallying with a bunch of positive comments saying how pretty and beautiful Reyizha looked, how her confidence makes her glow and that her body confidence is very commendable!

All the obsession with how much actresses should weigh (even on their downtime) and how they should look is becoming quite unhealthy. How they eat and how they dress shouldn’t even be up for discussion. As long as they’re happy, healthy and strong both physically and mentally, who are we to judge right? 

reyizha lose weight
It’s quite lucky that Reyizha is never one to let negative comments bring her down. The actress merely took this all in stride and put the issue to bed with a post on her social media saying that she’s “sorry it’s unsightly.” And that she’ll continue to work hard to lose weight  and do her best to get that poppin’ V-line and eight pack abs ( I didn’t even know such a thing is possible!). 

What a cool cucumber Reyizha is! In my eyes, she’s certainly risen in the coolness factor. 

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