Christine Fan Breaks Silence After Second Woman Speaks Up in Blackie Chen #MeToo Controversy

Christine Fan Breaks Silence After Second Woman Speaks Up in Blackie Chen #MeToo Controversy
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When former Hey Girl member Da Ya accused Blackie Chen of sexually harassing her a few days ago, there had been rumblings that his wife Christine Fan went AWOL on her husband. However, that rumour appears to have been debunked when a joint statement from the couple came out later, signifying the actress’ unwavering support for her other half. However when Taiwanese artist Yuan Kuo became the second woman to accuse Blackie of sexually harassing her, the actress finally took to Instagram to clear the air.

“I don’t want Da Ya to be alone”

Previously, Yuan Kuo accused Blackie of attempting to violate her twice – once when he sat her down on his lap and insisted on a kiss and another time when he brought her home and threw her on the bed forcing her to drink whiskey, all whilst Christine was pregnant. She claims she no longer has any evidence in her hands, and that thinking about it in retrospect was still very painful. But the reason why she wanted to speak out now was because she didn’t want Da Ya to be alone in speaking out against him.

No Opportunity to Bring Anyone Home

Meanwhile, Christine Fan took to social media to finally have her say and clear the air. In her post, the actress emphasised that she almost never left their home until it was time to go to the hospital to deliver their twins. In the five times that she left the house, she said Blackie was always with her the entire time. That seemingly refutes what Yuan Kuo had said because Blackie wouldn’t have had the opportunity to bring anyone home alone unnoticed. Christine also questioned the statement that Blackie “threw her down on the bed”. She pointed out that her old home only had one bed and that there is no “so-called other bed”. Besides with Mama Fan and Blackie’s mum living downstairs from them and constantly checking up on her throughout her pregnancy, nothing Blackie could’ve done would have gone unnoticed.

Unfortunately, it looks like Christine didn’t count on the zeal of enterprising Netizens who painstakingly cobbled together her whereabouts from the actress’ own IG account to debunk her claims. Whereas the actress claimed she only went out five times with Blackie with her all the time, Netizens appear to have proven otherwise.

Netizens debunk Christine Fan 's claim based on her own IG account
Netizens cobbled together photos from Christine’s own IG account to debunk her claims that they’d mostly stayed home during her pregnancy Screencapture: ET Today

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